iOS features that were already in Android and other platforms before

Yep… I am an Android fan. An Android fans can’t stand people who believe Apple was the first to create a feature in iOS that already exists in Android. Let’s dive right in.

Notification Center

Notification center allows you to swipe down to see your notifications (duh!) of missed calls, texts, email, etc. Android has had this feature since Andoid 1.6 (Donut) in 2009.

Apple didn’t implement it until iOS 5 in 2011. So, how were users being “notified”, and how did they view their notifications? Don’t worry, Apple’s got you covered. iOS had a terrible notification system that would popup in the middle of your screen no matter what you were doing. Imagine playing a real time game and getting a twitter notification.

Very irritating and just made you lose your game!

Over-the-air (OTA) Software Update

Hey iUsers (pun intended), remember all iThings required a computer with iTunes to get it setup or even update to the newer firmware? Android has always been able to update itself from the start and get itself setup. Android should have had the promo “No additional devices required for use”. In the case of Apple, you would open your new iPhone, power it on, and see this irritating screen (even more irritating if you didn’t have a computer).

This phone is essentially a brick without a computer. Even a flip phone has more capability without a computer!

4G Data Connectivity

In June of 2010, Sprint created the first 4G WiMAX network for the newly introduced HTC EVO 4G Android phone. At this point in time, LTE was far from common use in the United States. Where was Apple in regards to cellular data connectivity? The iPhone 4 had just been released, but only was avaiable on the AT&T 3G network. How’s that for limited carrier compatability? Apple was still only supporting one carrier… Awful AT&T! Meanwhile, Android phones were already supported on most major networks.

GPS Navigation

The original Maps application built into iOS, relied on the Google Maps API and Map Tiles. Also, there was no navigation intergrated into the app. Direction were listed similar to printed directions from the Google Maps website. Audible turn by turn directions were not provided. Android on the other hand, included the official Google Maps mobile application which had audible navigation built in and guided you as if you were using a Garmin GPS navigator device. Google Maps Navigation was released in 2009. Apple didn’t release their navigation feature until 2012 with their custom mapping service Apple Maps. However, Apple Maps had very inaccurate map data for awhile after release. Eventually, Google was allowed to put Google Maps on the Apple App Store, and iOS users have reliably stuck with it.

Do you really need a ferry? Tell me if this is right.

You could just use the golden gate bridge like everyone else!

Voice Typing

Just because Apple called this a fancy name (Dictation) doean’t mean that it’s never been invented before under another name and is “revoltuionary”. This has been around before Android in the software Microsoft Office XP:

I think that speaks for itself and against Apple’s “new invention”. And just to further back this up: Microsoft Office XP was released in 2001. Dictation wasn’t released until 2012!

My verdict: Apple isn’t a company who innovates, but instead replicates.