Musical Floppy (Moppy) Drive Control Software

As I was researching the Musical Floppy Project, I noticed the control software was quite complicated to setup. It required installation of NetBeans IDE on your computer, which some people wouldn’t want to do. Also, you’d have to run the control software from within NetBeans and not as a portable Java JAR application. I did some tinkering with the program and was able to integrate all required Java libraries into the application itself. Feel free to grab a copy of the pre-compiled application and/or source code.


MoppyDesk Musical Floppy Control Software

MoppyDesk Project Files (.ZIP)

Musical Floppy (Moppy) Drives

Who knew that Floppy Drives could make music?



The above video demonstrates the finishing result quite well. The musical floppy drives (Moppy drives) are playing the song Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. They do this by moving the read/write head back and forth. The music comes from a MIDI file, which is what was used in the Arduino MIDI Player project. I’ll be posting how to make this in the near future. Stay tuned!